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Cercamon 2007



Amidst the passion of musical exploration, the pleasure of creation, the exhilaration of musical interpretation, evolves l'Ensemble Cercamon.

In the manner of the troubadour, whose name the Ensemble has borrowed, Cercamon (sser-ka-mon) makes their art known both on stage, and among throngs of music-lovers while incorporating new sounds in their quest for unique musical experiences.

And thus, since the founding of l'Ensemble Cercamon at the turn of the century, this trio of musicians has succeeded in developing a most original style of music. Their creations exploit exceptional tones, produced by instruments from other periods and other lands, oriental as well as occidental. Hurdy-gurdy, oud, rauschpfeife, saz and bouzouki...all working together to yield a truly novel blend of music.

Cercamon's energetic interpretation of musical works and songs drawn from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Era attracts large crowds. To these works represented from the past, the Ensemble adds its own compositions, bringing fresh new life to the music, and bringing music-lovers to their feet, dancing at festivals and other public events throughout Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Their exotically tinged compositions have energized choreographic creations, and have been used as sound tracks for several documentaries. Many of the Ensemble's creations have already been compiled on three albums.

Welcome to the musical universe of l'Ensemble Cercamon!

Taken from the official website Ensemble Cercamon

On October 20, 2007, I was fortunate enough to not only hear the music of Cercamon but I was also privileged to speak with them in their native tongue, which is French.  I know it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me as well as Pierre-Alexandre, Andrew, and Jean-Pierre to converse in a language for which we share a strong love and passion.  To the members of Cercamon, I say thank you and I look forward to speaking with you and possibly seeing you perform yet again in the future.  Please enjoy the small video that I created using pictures from my visit to the Maryland Renaissance Faire 2007.


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